version Jan. 2012 by Dr. Eileen Dittmar


Clavier is a free downloaded application (link is below), which is installed on your computer. To use it, have it “running” which means a keyboard icon appears in your tray (at the bottom right of your computer screen). When first using the application, enter key strokes and the wordings desired to apply with the keystrokes. A suggestion is to start with two keystrokes, use them in your Courseroom, in email, in social network sites, then add more.

Get Organized

Next is a suggested organizational plan; however, note that you can modify the keystrokes at any time.

Create a MS Word document of your keystrokes and the wordings. By having the wordings on a MS Word document, you can run spell check and from MS Word paste into Clavier’s Write Text input box.

HINTS: Capture your own wordings posted inside your current or former courses; but please make sure they are A) aligned with the course studies and B) conform with communication strategies themes (i.e. 5-star communications, feedback sandwiches, etc).

Have an organizational plan; such as the following for online teaching:

  • CTRL plus a number 1-9 for assignments feedback;
  • ALT plus a number 1-9 for discussion feedback in journals;
  • SHIFT plus a number 1-9 for wordings you add inside the graded discussions;
  • FN plus a number 1-9 for your positive introductory comments.
  • In addition create two special keystrokes, such as SHIFT CTRL 1, for your closing (i.e. Let me know if you have any questions, closing, signatory; SHIFT CTRL 2 for your closing inside the discussion area (i.e. Let’s hear what others think! closing, signatory).

Download Clavier from

Follow the prompts to download and install on your computer.  Make sure to leave it open when finished. If the application is closed, click on Start menu to locate it and open it. To know if it is running, see the keyboard icon in your tray (at the bottom right of your computer screen).

First Time Use of Clavier

The first time using Clavier, a box appears with pre-set keystrokes. Most of them are not relevant for educators; therefore, delete (select and click the X button).

Creating your First Keystroke

If you would like screenshots with instructions, Clavier Tutorial and TIPS general

Repeat for a second keystroke.

Next experiment with using the two keystrokes to become comfortable with how they work.

CAUTION: You will constantly need to make sure you have the correct wordings needed for the keystrokes you have entered. A typo of CTRL 2 when you wanted CTRL 1 will result with the wrong wordings for the learner. The adaptation into using Clavier will take some time but in the end, you will save time.

Practice changing a keystroke in Clavier. This will become second nature as you re-use wordings from one teaching assignment into the next.

Once you are comfortable with using a couple of keystrokes, get your organization plan done and implemented.

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