#E-Learning Trends-Threats-Opportunities by Dr. Eileen Dittmar



Dr. Dittmar’s LiveBinder “Dr. Dittmar’s E-Learning Trends, Threats, Opportunities http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=439597

Trends to incorporate

  • Competency based education
  • Fast track to degree
  • Lower Cost Deliveries
  • Personalized Pathways
Next is the presentation info updated for Feb 16, 2014 mini-keynote at OBEA/WBEA (Oregon and Western Business Education Association's annual conference in Portland Oregon)

Session Theme: Business education’s threats and opportunities — past, present, and future.


Session’s pptx threats-opportunities

Session’s pdf threats-opportunities

LiveBinder http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1234704 (has the following resources)


Dr. Dittmar’s interactive session illustrates business education trends, threats, and opportunities integrated with relevant web technologies. Hear revolutionary ideas that propel business educators to embrace threats and maximize new opportunities in today’s data hungry workplaces. As business acumen converges across sectors, are your students and faculty onboard (or bored)? You won’t want to miss this inspirational session, which offers tools and keys to engage students, inspire faculty, and transform learning. Follow Dr. Dittmar on Twitter @dreileendittmar

Profiles of Technology Users in Education

Technology zealots: Eager beavers but too eager and can be overzealous; often bite off more than they can chew and then overlook important items. Can’t see the forest through the trees.

Zack  http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6390276&height=400&width=300

Script: Greetings Students! According to our syllabus, today’s activity is to compare the features of the top four social networks. However, we see that the room’s fire wall limits access to social networks. Therefore, we will compose a position paper to be shared at tonight’s board meeting. Let’s write our argument for classroom use of social networks. The login is posted in today’s blog along with suggested hash tags.

Zoey  http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6390166&height=400&width=300

Script: My supervisor wants to know why I have not responded to her messages. Hum, I don’t remember seeing her messages and cannot find them. I’ve looked everywhere —  checked my smart phone, both tablets, my new ultrabook, and my networked computer for the messages. I even went through my cloud storage.

Technology Resisters: Stuck in a rut, prefer status quo, hesitant/slow to adapt, push others for more info, ask lots of questions.

Raul  http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6385996&height=400&width=300

Script: What is the benefit for my students and curriculum? Why do I need to use it? Show me that its not still in BETA and the bugs are out.

Samantha  http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6390196&height=400&width=300

Script:  So you are suggesting that I update my class projects to include the use of cloud technologies and mobile devices. My stable classroom computers and fine-tuned software are working just fine. The software and hardware you suggested in 2010 perform tasks that newer technologies do not. You expect me to develop multiple instructions for the various devices? How can I monitor student performance when they are not here in the classroom? I already have instructions, macros, and answer keys developed. You are asking me to start over with everything? Why?

Technology Silo: What they already have is the ultimate and nothing else can possibly be better. New technologies are fads here today, gone tomorrow. They accuse early adopters as “acting on a whim, not well founded in practicality.”

Simon  http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6386052&height=400&width=300

Script:  You are suggesting that I update my curriculum to include the use of cloud software, web technologies, and mobile devices. My students are doing excellent work and they like my custom computers and software. The cloud is just a fad! Its insecurity will end the excitement and people will come back to local, stable networks and software. Who has time for dabbling with fads? We need to teach proven technologies, not something done on a whim. Cloud and mobile technologies are chaos and not viable curriculum.


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