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Last update 4/2014
MS Word HANDOUT livebinders-April2014-HANDOUT

Presentation Title:  The Reinvented Binder

By Dr. Eileen Dittmar  @dreileendittmar  eileen.dittmar@capella.edu

Session Assistant Nancy Noe nancy.noe@linnbenton.edu

Presented at National Business Education Association Conference

April 14-19, 2014 LA LIve (Calif)

Description:  The familiar 3-ring binder has been digitized; it’s easy and FUN! LiveBinders is a free, web-based tool for collecting and sharing valuable resources. Learn how you and your students can use them to gather and organize resources to share. This workshop will teach the basics of creating and saving information in a binder; uploading and adding documents; inserting digitized media; how to use LiveBinder It in your browser; and some tricks to help you customize the layout of information in your binder. This is a tool that educators do not want to be without!

Part 1: Introduction

  1. A discussion about LiveBinders, what they are, and why should business educators use them (both for students and faculty)
  2. Show examples

Part 2: A show of the Basics

  1. Create a free account; your LiveBinder Tutorial appears on your shelf once you create a login.
  2. Create a binder and save; then update a binder
  3. Add or delete tabs; rename tabs; move tabs
  4. Add documents; insert digitized media
  5. Copy a binder; using “My Shelf”


LiveBinders Resources

Let’s get fit and nimble with these LiveBinders exercises.

Part 1:

Create a free LiveBinder account if you do not yet have one.

Log into your account.

Create Account Tutorial: https://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=73210

Part 2

Create a shelf (keep the title simple such as your name)

Create Shelf Tutorial: http://www.livebinders.com/help#create-shelf

Part 3

Copy one (or more) of Eileen’s example LiveBinders to your shelf.

Part 4

Google search (i.e. professional-development, business-skill-training, professional-organizations) so you have five websites to add to a new LiveBinder.

Next, create a LiveBinder titled Professional Development. Add the five websites you found into each tab. Practice Add a tab, Edit a tab title (choose one you want to keep but with a different name)

Edit a tab’s URL, Edit tab settings.

Check settings to be sharable; share your LiveBinder with emdittmar@gmail.com

Add picture.

Review menu options.

When finished, create a new binder with any topic you want.

Review your shelf and organize it to your liking.



Post comments at https://eileendittmar.wordpress.com/livebinders

Tweet comments about the session #livebinders @dreileendittmar #nbea2014 @CapellaU

Thank you for your commitment to business education through NBEA events! 




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