Microsoft (MSFT) vs Google (GOOG): Integrating Cloud Powerhouses to Benefit Teaching & Learning

******* Feb 2016 Presentation and May 2015 Presentation**********

Co-presented with Nancy Noe, Linn Benton CC at @WesternBusEdAssoc conference  Honolulu HI Feb. 14, 2016 and Scottsdale AZ May 25, 2015


This dynamic session takes participants through Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive showing how to integrate them. Additionally, participants and speakers will discuss the platforms’ differences, how to sync them to your smart devices, and best ways to use them. The session explores Google and Microsoft Apps pertinent for teaching success in today’s engaging business classrooms.

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop techniques for using and teaching cloud apps.
  2. Increase experience with cloud apps from Google and Microsoft.
  3. Gain ideas for integrating together Microsoft and Google cloud apps.

Presentation in Slideshare


Session Handout


Dr. Dittmar’s LiveBinder of Google Docs and Drive RESOURCES shared during the presentation


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